Eco-Power, Everywhere

ETERUSN's mission is to bring sophisticated, enjoyable outdoor experiences powered by clean energy. Leading the green revolution, we're lighting up a new era of low-carbon living with our foldable solar panels

Never Lose Power, Anywhere, Anytime

With our efficient 30W solar panel, you'll never be without power. Charge your devices on the go and stay connected wherever life takes you.

Sun-Powered Serenity

Embrace the Horizon with ETERSUN — Power up your adventures on the whitest sands and under the bluest skies with our portable solar panels. Wherever you go, ETERSUN follows

ETERSUN: Unfolding the Future

Shaping Solar Futures with ETERSUN. Since our inception in 2018, ETERSUN has been at the forefront of innovative and reliable foldable solar panel technology, dedicated to delivering the best in portable and sustainable power solutions

  • Rugged Solar Power

    Experience the Power of Nature with Our Durable Solar Panels. Crafted for the Outdoors, our high-quality foldable solar panels are designed for resilience and efficiency, ensuring you stay powered wherever adventure takes you.

  • Solar Support Excellence

    Online Expertise, Exceptional Service. Our top-tier online service team is dedicated to providing outstanding technical and customer support for your solar energy needs, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience with our foldable solar panels.

  • Helping Hands with Solar

    Empowering Communities. Our commitment extends beyond sales. For over a decade, we've been actively involved in community support, using our solar technology to energize homes, schools, and aid in disaster relief in areas most in need

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